Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have a grant from the goverment if we install the battery?
No, the government is not giving a grant for this install.
Do we lose our ROCs payment?

Our battery is installed behind the meter and does not impact on your ROC’s payment

Does it work with PV only?
No, any form of renewables generations will benefit from The Electric Storage Company.
Can I charge my electric vehicle with your battery?
Absolutely, one of our customers is charging his Toyota Prius and travelled 1000 miles but only used 147 units of carbon-free electricity from his solar PV and energy storage systems.
How can I invest to save?
If you have already invested in solar PV or other renewables but you still need to purchase from the grid every day, then the Electric Storage Company may be able to help you recover the cost of electricity storage within the life of the batteries (10 year-warranty)
Is this safe?
The Electric Storage Company is only using devices that have a proven safety design and track record in the German, Australian and the US markets. The battery chemistry of our devices is absolutely safe.

Watch the battery test video HERE

Is it difficult to operate?
Our system requires no user intervention. It is truly plug and play. We will provide you with an app for your smartphone and the website for you and the other 200 users to understand your electricity usage. It will also show you what the group has contributed to the revolution. Maintenance-free, the devices are all monitored remotely every 10 seconds and if defects arise, more often than not, they are fixed remotely.
What happens if there is a problem?

Your system will be monitored constantly and potential problems identified before they affect you. Additionally your battery has its own warranty.

Can you upgrade the capacity of your battery at a later date?

Yes, you can. An extra battery can be added easily and the system recalibrates itself to make use of the extra capacity 

Have NIE Networks approved this?
NIE Networks have supported this research so they can understand the impact of small scale electrical energy storage on their network. They do not approve any new devices or technology until they understand the implications for the network, their customers and the wider public. They are working with our project to develop that understanding. They also work with other projects.
Is there an application process?
An application will need to be made to NIE to test that your location on the grid is suitable for this initial test, this will be completed by us on your behalf once you have given us approval.
How long does installation take?
The installation takes around 4 hours.
How does this battery compare with other batteries?
The device we use is a Sonnen product. It uses a lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry instead of the Lithium-ion nickel manganese cobalt oxide battery typically used in electric vehicles. Our device has been designed for the home from the outset.

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