The Electric Storage Company Wins “House/Building Initiative of the Year” at All Ireland Sustainability Awards for ‘Project Girona’

The Electric Storage Company Wins “House/Building Initiative of the Year” at All Ireland Sustainability Awards for ‘Project Girona’

Belfast, October 2023 – The Electric Storage Company is proud to announce that we have been honoured with the prestigious “House/Building Initiative of the Year” award at the All-Ireland Sustainability Awards, held at the Europa Hotel, Belfast, on 5th October. This recognition celebrates the outstanding success of ‘Project Girona,’ a groundbreaking collaboration between The Electric Storage Company, Girona Energy Limited, and Grants Electrical Services Limited.

‘Project Girona’ stands as a shining example of innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment. Designed to demonstrate the potential benefits of Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES), this initiative brought cheaper, smarter, and greener electricity to homes and communities in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Funded in part by Innovate UK, this ambitious endeavour showcased the transformative power of renewable energy and smart technology.

Key Highlights of ‘Project Girona’:

Smart Grid Revolution: ‘Project Girona’ marked the inception of Northern Ireland’s first smart electricity grid. Through meticulous planning and execution, battery storage, and solar panels were installed on properties within the identified area, providing residents with clean energy solutions free of charge.

Renewable Energy: Solar panels played a pivotal role as the primary renewable energy source for the project. Each participating property underwent a thorough assessment to tailor solar PV and storage battery solutions to their specific needs.

Community Engagement: The Electric Storage Company’s project team worked closely with various stakeholders, including social housing providers like the Housing Executive and Choice Housing, private landlords, homeowners, and small businesses. They overcame challenges such as limited space for PV and batteries and addressed scepticism through a comprehensive communication strategy.

Empowering Social Enterprises: ‘Project Girona’ gifted batteries and solar panels in perpetuity to social enterprises, allowing them to redirect electricity cost savings towards critical community services, including food banks, community cafes, and Sure Start service provision.

Collaboration with NIEN: The project collaboratively worked with Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIEN) to assess the impacts on the network of additional generation. Innovative approaches were employed to combine power network analysis, data science, energy storage technology, and renewables generation.

Remarkable Savings: Over the course of a year, ‘Project Girona’ successfully recruited 60 homes and small businesses, resulting in a remarkable reduction of £27,000 (55% per annum) in energy costs. These savings were particularly impactful for the Ballysally Estate, known for facing multiple-deprivation challenges.

‘Project Girona’ embodies the spirit of innovation, resilience, and community welfare. It has not only contributed to addressing the Climate Emergency but has also provided relief to a community facing the challenges of the COVID pandemic, energy crisis, and the cost of living crisis.

Anne Marie McGoldrick, Director, The Electric Storage Company

“I was delighted to accept the All Ireland Sustainability Gold Award for Housing/Buildings Initiative of the year, on behalf of The Electric Storage Company. Our thanks to the team who delivered Girona and the amazing results for participants, who continue to benefit from the initiative.”

If you would to know more about Project Girona visit: or you can check out this video!

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Meet Aisling!

Hello, fellow renewable energy enthusiasts!

I’m Aisling Spain, and I’d like to introduce myself, along with my views and some of my passions, work experience, and excitement about the wonderful world that is data science and green tech! I’ve been working at The Electric Storage Company for a year and I’m living the dream; combining my love of playing with data and my passion for sustainable energy.

Join me on this Journey: Together, let’s embark on our journey toward a greener world. I’ll share the latest renewable energy trends, shed light on innovative solutions, and invite you to be part of the conversation.

Hopefully, I can offer some insights,  spark conversation or at least mildly entertain you with my writing! Some of the topics you can expect to see are below.


Renewable energy is my driving passion. Thinking about the positive impact we can make on our planet by embracing sustainable practices is what gets me out of bed in the morning. In this post, I hope to ignite a sense of responsibility and inspire others to join the green movement.


Over the last decade, I’ve been fortunate to gain experience in academia, the public sector, and the private sector, doing everything from extremely specialized scientific analyses to preparing major public reports on Government departments. Throughout this breadth of experience, I’ve been fortunate to learn from experts how to adapt my data skills and how to communicate my findings to diverse audiences. I have always been deeply interested in sustainable energy and joining a company like The Electric Storage Company was a dream come true. I am still learning every day, particularly about the sustainable energy sector and I love seeing the transformative power of sustainable technologies.


Within the data held by The Electric Storage Company lies a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored. I love to unlock insights and bring them to light through storytelling. By demystifying data and making it accessible, we can empower others to embrace renewable energy solutions.

TEAM TESC Tree Planting Day!

TESC has undertaken tree planting in collaboration with Farming Carbon.

Planting 350 native species of trees in the creation of woodland close to the ecologically important area of the Quoile River in County Down.

Overall, tree planting can provide incredible value in terms of ESG for the farm, the local community & the environment.

Environmental Benefits: Trees are important for the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants, provide oxygen, help regulate temperature, prevent soil erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife. Tree planting helps us to contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

Social Benefits: Tree planting can also provide social benefits such as improving air quality, providing shade, and beautifying neighborhoods. This can lead to improved health and well-being for local communities and help enhance the overall quality of life. By supporting farmers, we are also highlighting our values of helping to protect food security while continuing to contribute to nature.

Economic Benefits: Trees can provide economic benefits such as reducing energy costs by providing shade in the summer and acting as windbreaks in the winter. Additionally, trees can reduce the need for manmade infrastructure in protecting areas of ecological diversity from being affected by physical or chemical pollution by creating a barrier in the soil.

This week, 8 members of The Electric Storage Company Staff, planted 350 native trees to create 6 species of woodland, on a farm close to a prominent water ecosystem in Co Down. The site runs downhill into a wetter part at the bottom. Due to the proximity of a watercourse, we were selective about which trees were planted in each part of the site. The alder thrives in the damp, wet ground – so they were planted mostly in the lower area. The other species were planted in a diverse mix. The woodland species included Oak, Scot’s pine, Birch, Sweet cherry, and Rowan.

Each of the tree species has a different life span and was planted in 2m spacing. The Birch and Alder will live for 60 years, while the Oak and Scot’s Pine should still be standing after 600. This variation in lifespan means that our planting, in March 2023 could provide a habitat and a home to generations of wildlife for the next few centuries, and the woodland will continue to grow and change in that time.

Within our tree planting, the flowers on the sweet cherry will feed pollinators, the fruit of the rowan will feed the birds, and the oak will feed the dormouse, squirrels, and jackdaws when it drops its acorn seeds. Each of the trees will grow to create a habitat in itself; as well as the woodland habitat as a whole. The unique ecosystem near this planting site means that the woodland will help to support birds and other wildlife that are perhaps finding it harder to live with humans encroaching on them. 100 Northern Irish wildlife species have been added to the “under threat” list announced a few weeks ago.

Creating woodlands locally provides new habitats for wildlife, which means that our communities can continue to experience diversity in wildlife.

The Alder in the planting will sequester nitrogen and make it available in the soil which improves the soil condition for the plants around it. Removing nitrogen from the atmosphere reduces nitrate oxide, a GHG (greenhouse gas) 300x more potent than carbon dioxide. The benefit of this project is felt by the wildlife, the air, the river, and the farmer.

 All of the trees, through the process of photosynthesis, will transform carbon dioxide, a GHG into stored carbon within the tree. The hardwood trees (oak, scots pine) will sequester 1 tonne of carbon per year for the next 100 years.

Farming Carbon liaises with farmers in NI to provide unique & beautiful sites like the location of our tree planting project. The trees planted will create habitats for biodiversity, draw down carbon and help the farmland itself to mitigate potential issues like nutrient contamination of waterways (because of the roots systems cleaning the soil). It has also provided impactful social value for the farmer, who now has a woodland ecosystem, and a buffer for the river, and has felt the support of a collective of people coming to his land and giving their time to help him.

For more information on Farming Carbon contact Steph directly at [email protected] or check out @farmingcarbon on any social media platform.

We’re Hiring – Electrical Engineer

The Electric Storage Company is seeking an Electrical Engineering graduate or soon-to-be Electrical Engineering graduate to join the Team.  This is an exciting opportunity for an engineer who wants to work at the cutting edge of renewable technology. 

If your passion is innovation, renewable generation, battery storage, and optimisation of electricity then we would love to hear from you.    

TESC receives fresh investment


The Electric Storage Company (TESC) has announced a significant seven figure investment and strategic partnership with the Heron Brothers.

This investment from Heron Bros will now fast track TESC’s growth plans significantly and they plan to more than double their team of power and software engineers, and data scientists to 35 in the next 2-3 years.

Heron Bros, an award-winning construction and property development company which operates throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe is already experienced in the renewable space as lead partner in the renewable energy company, Simple Power which was at the forefront of wind energy production in Northern Ireland.

The partnership will enable the further roll out of the PARIS platform (Predictive Analytical Renewables Integration System). PARIS brings Fintech and GreenTech together using leading edge data analytics software to gather data from smart batteries in people’s homes and commercial buildings and then ensures they get the cheapest, greenest energy.

Speaking about the investment Damien O’Callaghan, Group MD, Heron Bros said; “The combined strengths of Heron Bros and The Electric Storage Company will now offer an exciting and innovative proposition to help our customers on the path to net zero. According to recent research from leading management consultancy McKinsey’s, real estate across homes and businesses accounts for about 40% of all Greenhouse gas emissions. It is our belief that by improving the efficiencies in real estate (both new construction and existing buildings) that most companies can realistically reduce more than half of their emissions between now and 2030. This significant investment and partnership are designed to help companies and individuals do just that.”

Eddie McGoldrick, Director TESC added; “The Electric Storage Company combines Northern Ireland’s expertise in power engineering, fintech and big data and we are now aiming to ‘scale up’ significantly to repeat our already successful smart approach to electricity usage across Ireland and GB. Our team are delighted to now partner with one of Northern Ireland’s leading construction and renewables development companies to fast track that growth. Our shared expertise in renewables and delivering innovative customer solutions for customers across the British Isles will bring lower costs to greener homes and businesses and help people to meet their net zero targets sooner.”