Project Girona


Project Girona set out to bring cheaper, cleaner, and smarter electricity to 60 participants in Coleraine, Northern Ireland and give them a choice in were their electricity comes from and offering access to renewable energy. Girona aimed to give people fuel choice and energy flexibility as a service all the while benefiting from cheaper electricity and green energy

the AIM

  1. Demonstrate the potential benefits of a SLES (Smart Local Energy System).
  2. Demonstrate savings – CO2 and £.
  3. Demonstrate to the distribution network operator (DNO) the benefits to low-voltage networks.

Part funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and supported by Northern Ireland Electricity Networks and Invest Northern Ireland, the pilot programme began its initial stages in March 2020, concluding its final installation in October 2021.   

Technology and Hardware

  1.          Solar PV – average 4kVa with maximum of 12kVa.
  2.          sonnenBatterie10
  3.          PARIS smart electricity management software

In order to generate free electricity, the Project required some form of renewable generating energy source, in the case of Project Girona, this source was solar panels.

To store the energy generated by the solar panels, a storage battery was required managed by The Electric Storage Company’s PARIS energy management platform.

Each property participating in project Girona underwent an assessment carried out by the Project Girona team to identify their requirements for solar PV and storage batteries. Following the assessment, the Girona team installed solar PV and sonnenBatterie10 (SB10) batteries in all participating properties.

The use of the solar panel and storage battery solution enabled homeowners and tenants to create their own electricity, store it and use it whenever they required, giving users the ability to maximise the efficiency of their energy usage and save money.

Any excess electricity generated by users that was not utilised, was exported back to the electricity grid, enabling other properties to benefit from clean energy.  

The software – PARIS 

Underpinning Project Girona and maximising the efficiency of the solar panel and battery storage solution was the PARIS system.

PARIS, which stands for Predictive Analytical Renewables Integration System, is the brainchild of co-founder and Director of The Electric Storage Company, Eddie McGoldrick and is designed to maximise the value of every unit of the energy, to the benefit of the customer. The system has been developed using state of the art data analytics software, which specialises in forecasting the usage and generation of energy to determine the value it can bring to customers using real-time data.


Using the same technology that is found in financial trading software, the PARIS System has the capability to make smart decisions on when to store, use and release energy, benefitting the battery and the customer in terms of energy and cost efficiency. In fact, the PARIS System has the potential to save customers up to an additional 20% on energy costs. 

the results

£ 0
Saved per household
Equal to 19 cars off the road
Homes powered for 1 year



To generate free electricity the Project required some form of renewable generating energy source, for example, solar panels or a wind turbine which were installed free of cost as part of the project.

To store the energy generated the Project installed a Sonnen SB10 battery. The SB10 is the latest in battery technology from the world’s leading domestic battery manufacturer. The SB10 is supported by an app that will allow you to monitor your electricity generation and consumption. Customers were also able to track their savings live! A data packet is received every 5 seconds, which meant that customers had insights like never before

Both the solar panel and battery installations will be carried out by trained and certified engineers. The Project engineers will initially conduct a site visit and then install the equipment. When they have completed the work, you will be supplied with all the relevant information relating to the equipment including contact details.

how it worked

In the video below we walk you through the benefits of becoming a customer of The Electric Storage Company. Those benefits include saving up to 70% on your electricity bill as well as ongoing protection from ever-rising energy prices.

Did you know that 45% of the energy generated from solar panels is wasted? The average household in the UK generates the most electricity between the hours of X and X, typically this is when most people are at work. This means that the amount of electricity generated exceeds the consumption demand in the property.

Battery storage allows you to store the energy that is not being used for a time when you do. Couldn’t I just sell my excess energy for extra Income? Yes, however, the rate that you sell the energy back to the grid for is often rather low. For example;

You can sell your excess energy back to the grid at a rate of 11p a unit. However, when you return from a long hard day and boil the kettle and sit in front of the TV you are consuming electricity at a rate of 34p a unit. With battery storage, you no can use that energy generated earlier In the day and keep it for yourself.


I’m seeing savings of up 70% during peak times!


Why Coleraine?

An area in the town of Coleraine was selected because of its proximity to the Loguestown electricity substation. The Loguestown electricity substation was selected as it is at near capacity with little availability for additional electrical load to be added. Girona and NIE Networks (DNO) used the data to ascertain the perceived benefit behind the meter storage with PV generation would have on the substation and the associated local network.

A total of 60 properties located in the Ballysally area of Coleraine took part in Project Girona. These properties included residential homes, businesses and charities.
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