MEET TEAM TESC! – Curtis Cregan

We thought you might want to know what makes team TESC tick! Over the next few weeks, you will get the chance to #MeetTheTeam.

First up, our Marketing and PR Co-Ordinator. Curtis is a graduate of Ulster University and joined us last year having previously spent time in the retail, wholesale, and engineering industry.

What is your role at TESC?

“My role here at TESC is to grow the brand and a huge part of that is educating people on the problem we face, the technology and the solutions we can offer. What we do is quite complex and trust me as someone who hasn’t come from a data or renewables background it took me a while to fully wrap my head around it.

The beauty of what we do is that we take the complexity out of the equation for our customers. Our PARIS platform is able to make an informed decision on how best to maximise the value of each unit of energy.

Offering protection from rising prices by giving them control over their energy. In turn, our customers are seeing a reduction in their energy bills, CO2 consumption as well as peace of mind knowing that they are getting closer to achieving Net Zero by maximising the potential of their renewables. “

How have you found your time at TESC so far?

“I am delighted to be celebrating my 1-year anniversary at TESC. To be part of such a talented and dynamic team that are committed to revolutionising the energy market is really exciting.

I feel like I’ve got in at the ground floor of the next big company from NI and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Since joining I have been supported every step of the way and given the trust and freedom to really grow as a professional.”

What are you most looking for in the future?

We have some quite exciting projects coming up. I don’t want to say too much and ruin the surprise. The most exciting thing is that we have received investment from Heron Brothers. To have such a prestigious organisation share their expertise can only help us in achieving our goals.