Permanent Under Secretary of State visits The Electric Storage Company

The Electric Storage Company were delighted to welcome the Permanent under Secretary of State Lord Caine to our offices in The Innovation Factory Belfast last week. Lord Caine took the opportunity to learn more about the energy revolution of which The Electric Storage Company are at the forefront.

Getting to see first-hand how The Electric Storage Company has been making strides toward #NETZERO, bringing Cheaper, Smarter and Greener electricity to everyone. Our innovative PARIS energy management platform was demonstrated to Lord Caine. PARIS makes the complex simple and powers The Electric Storage Customer’s TESC ONE service that is further increasing customer savings. In addition, Lord Caine was updated on Girona Energy which has delivered savings of over £11,000 across 60 homes between February and September.

Not only has this project participants seen around a 50% reduction on their energy bills, they have also seen a reduction of 13.6 tonnes of CO2 across the project area. That equates to taking 10 cars off the road. What is now evidently clear is that the technological solutions needed to make real change are here. It is paramount that we deliver with a sense of urgency as The Electric Storage Company continues to make strides to enable individuals and companies achieve their Net-Zero targets.

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